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Style transformations for incredible women.


When you look amazing and feel amazing, you do amazing things.

I am a personal stylist and jewelry designer with over a decade of fashion design experience. Drawing on my knowledge of fit, construction, color, and proportion, I help women discover how confident they feel when they look good. Through styling, I transform my clients into the best version of themselves—so they are ready to take on the world. Read More


Build a wardrobe that reveals the true you.

Personal Styling


Ever wished your personal style better reflected your spirit and your story? As a former fashion designer and professional stylist, I can help. Seeing who you are, who you can be, and exactly what your wardrobe needs to get you there is what I do. And it’s not about buying more stuff. It’s about giving you what you need to change your wardrobe, change your outlook, and change how you feel when you walk out the door. Ready to become a new woman?